Said about Andrej

Said about Andrej

☼     I recommend a great English language teacher, who pushes me forward with each and every lesson. He is pedagogically educated and obviously knows what he is doing. Those are not random conversations. He is the best teacher I've ever had.

Ing. Lucia Ch. (34), Project manager for a prominent Slovak bank


☼     I had a chance to learn English with Andrej through individual classes. He adjusted the classes to my needs. The classes focused on conversations and correcting my ingrained mistakes in terms of grammar.Conversation classes were not just dull dialogues, but meaningful and even fun :) Apart from the expceptional he was able to complement it with cultural knowledge and slangs in British or American English. Thanks :) PS: Thanks for the great tea :P 

Mgr. Ľubomír France (33), "Sales representative" in Novartis SK, s.r.o., Bratislava


☼     I am very satisfied with Andrej's classes. He is prepared for every class and classes are creative and fun. Grammar explanation and vocabulary teaching is complemented with examples from everyday life. I appreciate the  individual approach and the emphasis on the communication thanks to which my oral performance keeps improving

Ing. Jana M. (38) , Financial manager, National Institute for Education, Bratislava


☼     I would describe Andrej as a very professional tutor who can be very flexible and is able to comply with virtually every need you have. the teaching was adjusted to my need. It was focused on my pronunciation, oral skills improvement and various other essential language skills. Plus legal terminology. What is more, he really helped me with the bachelor's thesis' so it not only looked like English but also felt like it. I recommend Andrej for his fun and at the same time educational teaching skills.

Bc. Marcel Petráš, (22), law student, Faculty of Law, Comenius University, Bratislava


☼     Andrej Kubík is an exceptional teacher, whom I definitely recommend. I started learning with him from the very start and he has been extremely patient with me. He pays attention to pronunciation, accuracy and the classes are always perfectly prepared, very funny and he always comes with several ways to remember things. Huge thanks :)

Martina B. ,  beautician, Bratislava


☼     I highly appreciate Andrej's professionalism, knowledge, preparedness as well as his improvisation skills.

M.H. (34), Volkswagen Slovakia, a.s., Bratislava


☼     I thank to Andrej for proofreading of my CV in English. I appreciate his professional approach when he offered me more options that would fit the context with the explanation why. He also explained to me which mistakes I should cautious about in future. When somebody needs professional language assistance I recommend Andrej's service without hesitation.

Ing. Vladimír V. (32), Accountant in MetLife Amslico a.s. , Bratislava


☼     Andrej Kubík is my teacher whom I can only recommend. I primarily appreciate his professionalism, knowledge and in my case his patience. The classes are not monotonous, he is prepared and resourceful. I really thank for the great classes.

Mgr. Martina K. (44), Functional analyst in VÚB a.s. , Bratislava


☼     Andrj's classes are always original and fun. I have had a chance to be taught by many tachers in school, university, individually so I can compare. Andrej, unlike many other tachers, is able to make you interested in learning. After mutual agreement he finds materials and ways which suit your demands and which can best address the things that need to be improved, It is obvious that he likes the job and tries to do it the best he can.

Milada "Mimi" Kollárová (20) , International and public relations college in Prague, Educational Institute in Bratislava


☼     I thank Andrej for translating my dipolma thesis' abstract to Englishwith which I am very satisfied. I have known Andrej for a long time and his name is to me synonymous with enthusiasm, originality and creativity. I definitely recommend.

Mgr. Hana Wolfová (24), psychologist , Bratislava


☼     He helped me with the translation of my diploma thesis and improved my English language skills to such a level that now I am able to communicate more easily when I am abroad.

Ing. Rudolf K. (25), Manager Kulinart s.r.o., Senica


☼     Dilligent and enthusiastic teacher who understand the language in depth but at the same time does not overload the student with information - he offers them precisely what they need. Andrej knows that for being a good language teacher it is not enough to speak English.

 Mgr. Adam H. (25), Language teacher (Prostaff s.r.o.) and musician(Groovehub), Bratislava


☼    It took me more than a half a year to prepare all the documents to apply for a program at one of the best universities of visual arts in Asia. Andrej helped me to write a proper cover letter, correct all the stylistic errors in letters of recommendation from my professors and helped me to prepare for the interview. Thanks to him I was able to show serious interest in the program to which I was eventually accepted. Although in the field of visual arts the quality of a visual artwork is essential its presentation is important as well.

Jana B. , MFA (28) Painter and the Student at Faculty of Fine Arts, M.S. University, Baroda, India , Bratislava/Baroda


☼     Professional and at the same time friendly approach is definitely an essential attribute of this smart teacher. Andrej helped me improve my stylisitc skills in terms of writing in English as well as my communication level. The classes were really pleasant and full of conversation on topics I asked for. What made me happy the most was his resourcefulness and ability to come up with not one but several language solutions. I recommend !

Mgr. Vlasta P. (28), Social psychologist, Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University, UK Bratislava


☼     Andrej led every class in a very innovative and engaging fashion. Thanks to him I finally upgraded my English language from "good" to excellent English, which my other teachers have never been able to do yet. If you do not like the approaches and methods of "the old school" and want something more interesting and effective at the same tim I definietely recommend to try it with Andrej.

Adam G. (19), student - Private security management high school, Bratislava


☼     Expertise and professionalism, responsibility, creativity, attention to detail and nice manners these are attributes for this tutor/pedagogist. I was satisifed with his services when translated a part of my diploma thesis to English language. I highly recommend !

Mgr. Ivana P. (25), Graduate from The Faculty of Philosophy, Comenius University,Bratislava

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