First-rate French

General French
☼ Correct understanding and use of grammar
☼ Conversational and highly interactive activities
☼ Preparation for exams, interviews.
☼ From the very first moment the emphasis is put on the correct pronunciation (which is unlike in English more fixed) and on improving listening and speaking skills
☼ How to deal with the communication breakdown.

Français professionnel et des affaires
☼ Presentation, Business e-mails, telephones, Interview, meetings, reports
☼ Vocabulary and expressions from financial, marketing and corporate environment


☼ Communicative approach, student-centered, real-like, authentic interactions
☼ Focus on confidence and stress reduction (strategic and discoursive competence)
☼ Individual approach to each and every client. PLUS special folder for everyone -specific needs, progress evidence, pet hates, ...

Sample session = 10 €

Sample session serves for student's needs analysis, diagnosis, maybe a placement test. Plus the client can see the sample of the teacher's work, his approach and his French.

Duration: 30-90 minutes

The prices depend on the number of taken classes, the number of students and discounts.
Discounts for students, teachers and unemployed...